How I will improve

Hello fellow readers! I have decided that I should post more on this blog than just adding widgets. It’s time you found out what I really enjoy! However, don’t think I don’t care about you as well! I’d like to hear your suggestions on what special additions I should add. I’ve axtually had an idea! Once a week I shall post a joke or a riddle. It shall be called, Joke Wednesday! I will post more often,(or I will attempt to) and I will respond and keep in touch! I hope you guys have had a marvelous week so far, and I will post later!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Your fellow blogger,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Lauren McNealy

Loving school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys! So I’m in school and I’m loving it! Sure it’s not like Mrs.Burns with the balls but my teacher, Mrs.Nixon we have fun like 24/7! Sometimes we have a break after lunch! We do projects ALL the time! Fun! She tells us stories of her life. I saw that she even visited my blog! Yay! So hope you like school this year! Comment saying whats happening in your school! Bye!



Puppy Business!

I can’t wait to get a puppy! I will get one this summer! I’m really excited! I like beagles,collies, and labs. Also golden retreivers! Please give me some ideas! I need a dog thats active and is great with little kids (A.K.A my little bro)! Thanks a whole bunch! here the dogs I said



Golden Retreivers


Give me all of your ideas! Thank you!


My First Funny Halloween Party (Sort of)

Guess what happend on Halloween! Well it all started like this…..

On Halloween as usual I went trick or treating. After a few houses I saw my best friend Alison’s mom! I asked her where was Alison. She told me she was at Abbi’s Halloween party! I asked her where was  Abbi’s house, but she only told me that they were on a hay ride. Afterwards got in her car because her leg hurt. I didn’t see any hay so I just kept on trick or treating. After a while I heard people calling out my name! I looked and looked until I saw the hay ride! It was on a car! I ran and ran to keep up with the car and finally I was on its tail! I was touching it, but I couldn’t get on so Abbi’s mom shown a flash light to Abbi’s dad. He stopped the truck and let me on! Then everything was back to normal. We were all back to trick or treating!


Silly story huh! Don’t worry my life if always wacky so another story will be soon!

Your wacky friend,


Boo! Did I Scare You?

Happy Halloween everybody! I’m totally going to scare my brother! I’m hoping to get lots of candy! Comment how many pieces of candy you got and how many people did you scare! Booooooooooooo!  So long! Good luck scaring sombody!

Your Halloween friend,


Cause and Effects!

anxieties,emotions,females,persons,Photographs,women,worriesThis is my Cause and Effect!

The woman has alot of work to do so the woman is stressed.

Have you ever been stressed before? Having alot of  homework? Having alot of work to do? Sleepy? Comment below!  This is my Cause and Effect


Happy Birthday to me!

Guess what on Friday it’s my Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m turning 9. I haven’t blogged in like forever! I’m back blogging agian. I had camp all summer so I never had any time wish me luck on my birthday I’m having a lot of fun. Hope you are too. SEE YAA


A Talk With Madam CJ Walker!

This is a post of questions I would ask Madam CJ Walker!

So Madam, where where you born?”Sarah Breedlove in Delta, Louisiana, on December 23, 1867 That’s where and when I was born”
What was your childhood like?” It sure was hard I had to pick up white stuff off the ground. After that my back hurts. I didn’t go to school to learn like you did. So I didn’t know how to read or write so my childhood was harder than you think!” Who where your parents?” Owen and Minerva Breedlove” Did you have friends that were black and white? “Not really” Did you have any brothers or sisters?”Yes Louvenia and my brother is Solomon. What was your teenage life like?” Like any other.” Did you like it?” Yes” How were your college days?” Did you do a good gob? Did you get married? Did you have kids? Daughters, or sons, or both? Did you have many goals? What were your goals?  What inspired you to have those goals? Did you accomplish your goals? How? What was your first job? Was it fun? What year did you start selling hair stuff? What do you like to do? Do you wear your own hair stuff? When did you retire if you did, and if you did what year? How old were you when you died…… I don’t expect you to know that. Anyway what awesome things did you do when you were a kid? Thank you Madam for this wonderful talk! That is all! Bye!


Comment if you want to know more about Madame CJ Walker!



Here’s something new! I just got glasses! Just so you know these are not real. I just wanted to tell  my friends that fact! It’s fun to have these glasses! For some reason they’re like my lucky glasses! Well I have to go eat! Bye!


Guess what!

Guess what! Our visitors that’s what! I’m so glad that I get to hang out with my friends on my blog! Like for instance! I just got a comment a few weeks  from my best Buddie Gary!Some of my friends know him! bye!


Here’s About The Tale of Desperuax









Hey guys! Did you read The Tale of Desperuax? Me , and my class just finished it, and it was awesome! It’s about a little mouse who was like a human.  He loves to read. One day he heard music, but he lost his control and went to follow the music. As you all know a mouse can not be next to a human right! When he was all the way there he was foot to foot with a king! It couldn’t get worse, or could it? He fell in love with a princess! His brother came to get him. He saw what Desperuax did! He told their family. His family didn’t like how he was acting. So Desperuax went to the dungon! He found his way back up again. Then this rat took the princess! Desperuax had to go back to the dungon to save her! He did! They all went to go get some soup!


If you want to get this book it’s everywhere! Comment if you like it so far, or  if you didn’t like it at all. See ya!



Here’s a Riddle!

You are trapped in a room with 5 foot thick steel walls, an equally thick steel ceiling, and no door. You have to escape and there are only two objects in the room: a mirror and a table. How do you escape? Who ever gets it right will be either 1 2 or 3.


Here’s My Contest!


You’re in a mansion and the power’s out. You see a green door and a red door. Pick one (it doesn’t matter which.) Now you see a purple door and a orange door. Pick one (again, it doesn’t matter which you pick). Now you see a door with a golden handle and a door with a silver handle. Pick one. You finally come to some signs on three doors. One says “Death from drowning,” another says “Death from machine guns,” and the last one says “Death from electric chair.” Then you see a big sign off to the side that says “Or stay in the mansion and starve to death.” What do you choose and still live?  If you get it right I will put the first person(First one to figure it out). Second place ( Second person to get it.) Third ( Third person to get it.) Good Luck! 🙂


Here’s about the kids club!

What I am doing in my class is the Kids Care Club. It’s about making the world a better place. You can do stuff like, picking up litter, and help people that need food you can give them what they need. I will be doing that too! let’s work together to make the world a better place. Hooray!


Another book!

The Best Birthday Ever!   

By Lauren


My birthday is not that far away. It’s gonna be so much fun! All of my friends are coming,Sarah,Matthew,and Kristi.There’s gonna be cupcakes,cake,games,and popcorn! Something was wrong. Somebody stole all of our stuff! Guys we have to get all of our stuff back by tomorrow! I said. Well, we don’t have all day let’s go go go! Wait a minute! said Matthew. We don’t know where to go,we could be lost and never come back to Tennessee. You’re right,take my map. Lucky for us he left this note telling us where he or she lives. Bad for us cause we had to go all the way around the world to get him or her. We can do it.said Sarah. Just do it for Lauri’s birthday. Ok. Ok. So were going to New York. There was a lot of traffic in New York. Hey you guys lets make up a song to remember where to go next or to figure out where we are!said Matthew Great idea! said Sarah. The places that were going is New York, Georgia, and then we go to Texas!!! That was a good song now lets go! Oh,no! Something is blocking us! Come on guys teamwork! We all tried to get past them. It was no use. We had to do action. Matthew tripped the man. Then,we all tickled the men! No we have to go to Georgia! The places that were going is New York check! Georgia,and Texas!!! We bumped into a man. Oh,I’m sorry. It’s ok. So you look like your kids from Tennessee! We are! Why are you guys doing here. We’re trying to catch the person who took all of our stuff for our party. Well I have just the thing for you! It’s a launch to launch you to Texas!!! Thank you! 3,2,1,weeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Here we are! Texas! Now all we need to do is find that man. I see him! Hey you why did you steal all of our stuff!! Oh, I’m sorry. Now I have the best birthday ever!


The  End.

Here’s the rest of the story!

I didn’t want to tell Zack that I believe in werewolves. Then he will think that I’m stupid. I didn’t say anything for the rest of the day. It was uncomfortable to just think about it. So how was you’re day. It was fine. Nothing scary happened. It’s OK. I bet it won’t happen tomorrow.
Chapter Three
I think that Zack did all of this. That’s because that I know that there’s no such thing as werewolves. I’m positive. So today to get some fresh air I went to the park. I bought a dog. We played ball,tug-a-war, and some other stuff that dogs like to do. I was walking home with my dog. I saw Zack. He saw me. Hey Amy! Come inside! OK! I showed him my dog. Wow! He’s cool! Boom! Aha! Run! We were running so fast that we were in a forest. Now I know that it wasn’t Zack. It was a werewolves.
Chapter Four
We have to get out of here! Be quiet dummy head! Roar! Aha! Do you believe in werewolves now? Yes! I’m to young to die! We are not going to die Zack! We’re just stuck in a forest. That’s all. I knew that, but this is where the werewolf is. Oh no! Who has come to the home of the werewolf!!! Oh,I’m sorry. Don’t call me sir!!!!!! OK! Since you are here,you are going to be dinner! No! I don’t want to be dinner! Please is there anything else we can do for you? Hm mm. If you find all three jewels I’ll let you go. Oh,thank you! Hey! Here’s a map for finding you’re way.

Chapter Five
Where do we go first? Here is the map. So first we have to go to Blue Bear Island.  I think I see it. Man I didn’t know that bears could be blue! Ok, let’s not play we have to find three jewels. Go, Go , Go!
“Excuse me sir, have you found any jewels around here?”  “Oh yes! I have been walking and I have seen a jewel.”
“Oh than you sir.”  Ok run to the cave! We ran, ran, and ran. Finally we found the cave. Ok let’s go in. It was creepy. There were snakes, bats and slime. “I found the jewel” said Zack. Yes, let’s move on.

Chapter Six
“Where do we go next” asked Zack.  Um mm Summer Time Island.  It sounds like it is going to be hot there. It was hot, very hot. Zack had a heart attack and fell to the floor! “Are you ok Zack?”  
“ I think so.” said Zack. We have to find the jewel and give it to the werewolf.  Excuse me have you seen a jewel.  I don’t know where the jewel is.  Oh well,  I guess we will have to find it ourselves. I think I see it over there! Well let’s go get it. Got it.  Now lets move on to our last jewel.

Chapter Seven
This is our last one, Lava Lava Island. That doesn’t sound safe. Well we have to remember the werewolf. Ok then, lets go. It was scary trying not to die in hot lava. “I want to go home!” said Zack. It is going to be ok. All you have to do is not faint and you won’t be burned. The jewel is on top of the mountain. We have to climb the biggest mountain to get the jewel.  Aha, Zack fell down. I grabbed his hand quickly. Oh, thank you so much. Finally, we made it! Wow, the last jewel! Now we can give them to the werewolf.  Since you brought back what I needed you can go free.  “Thank you for saving me.” said Zack.  “No problem.” I said.

The End

Here’s what I wrote in my jornal for school!

Werewolfs                                                      Chapter One
I don’t beilive in werewolfs. My brother Zack does. He is so stupid.” Aahaaaaa!” he said. Come on! “What is with you and werewolfs?’ i said. “I really saw a werewolfs.’ he said. ” Fine where is it then?” I asked. “Uh,I don’t know.” he said. ‘There are no such thing as werewolfs!” I said. ” How do you know that Amy?” he asked. “Cause,of they did exised we would have signs that wornow what it was us about it.” I said. Do you see that kind of stuff? No. Then I’m right. Fine don’t beilive me! I’m going to the park. Go then! I really wanted to go to the park I have to do my homework. After I did my homework I went to go hang out with my friends. There names are Jhon,Katie, and Andrew. Hey guys! “Oh,hi Amy. “Do you want to hang out at my house?”they asked. “Sure.”I said.Chapter2 It was so much fun! We had popcorn,popcicels,and everything! Boom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahaaaa!!!!!  Well,whatever it was lets get out of here! We didn’t know what it was. It was creepy though. When I got home I was terrified. Well,if you want to here more vote on it! if I have at least 10 votes I will finessh the story




Here’s a true story by my sub teacher!

Hre’s a true story! My sub had a baby chick. She loved her with all of her might. She been taking care of her until she was all grown up! Then one day she lost her! She looked everywhere! Then she saw her on the table. We were thinking about eating her but they wouldn’t! Monday they wouldn’t do it. Finally Tuseday they ate her. It will always be a memory!

More goals!!

I thought about it and I wanted us to have another goal! 500 Coments and 100 Cites! Do you think we can do it? I know we can!
P.S. If we pass at least one of our goals I put up something like a party for my blog! Let’s try!!!!!!!!!!

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